Counselling for Separation

Separating from a partner is never easy, particularly if there are children involved.

I offer couple counselling for separation, for those who are separate and those planning to separate. If you are unsure whether or not you want to separate, this is not for you.

I began this type of counselling because in couple counselling, I was often faced with two people who really didn’t want to be together. These couples were not looking for help to return to a successful and happy shared relationship, but were trying to move forward separately and didn’t know how to do this.

As I said, separation is a difficult process, emotionally and practically, even when you still maintain a good relationship, so it can help to have extra support at this time. Couple counselling for separation provides a safe space for you to work through the practicalities of the process, to make arrangements for the children and to express feelings and thoughts about your changing relationship and circumstances.

Working together in regular sessions, respecting the other’s fears and expectations about the process and expressing your own in a safe and supportive environment will help you both to move forward. At the same time, working through the issues together reduces the emotional pain and practical difficulties which separation can bring.

If you think this might be useful for you, please contact me and please mention couple counselling for separation if you leave a message or send an email.