Counselling - how it can help

Experience has taught me that there are many reasons why people come for counselling, sometimes there are specific issues which a person wants to address, sometimes a recent event has had a negative impact on a person’s life and sometimes people come simply to take a closer look at themselves: you don’t need to define a particular issue to make use of counselling.

As a humanistic counsellor I am able to accommodate these diverse issues by providing:

  • A safe, confidential and therapeutic setting in which you are able to talk about distressing or stressful experiences or situations.
  • Help in dealing with specific behaviour which is affecting your life adversely.
  • A counselling context through which you can explore your life more deeply.
  • A number of sessions to suit you: some people find that a few sessions are enough to resolve their difficulties, while others find that they benefit from more time in therapy.

I have particular experience in working with the following issues:

  • anger
  • anxiety
  • bereavement
  • childhood trauma and abuse
  • couples and marriage counselling
  • depression
  • divorce and separation
  • eating disorders
  • families
  • feelings of being stuck
  • life limiting illnesses
  • low self-esteem
  • mental imagery & performance/sports performance
  • relationship issues
  • self harm
  • step-families or blended families
  • stress
  • terminal illness and chronic disease
  • vertigo/vestibular disorders